Teddy Talker: Product Review

Sometimes it can be challenging to work with younger children on articulation because they don’t understand how the sound should be made.  One day I came across Teddy Talker.  I was very interested in this product because it offered an “auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic approach by linking phonemes and graphemes in a fun-filled way”.  This was everything that I was looking for in one package!  I contacted the masterminds at Creative Speech Products and they offered to send me the Teddy Talker Foundation Kit as well as Teddy Talker Mouth Position Cards!

What comes with the Teddy Talker Foundation Kit?

This product is very well packaged and it comes with an instruction booklet to help you best use Teddy Talker.  The instruction booklet is user friendly and it has pictures inside to show how to set up Teddy for each sound.  The kit includes a large felt board with a picture of Teddy Talker, felt letters, and manipulatives to represent lips, teeth, and tongue.  The back of the board shows the inside view of Teddy’s mouth.

I also received the Teddy Talker mouth position cards.  These cards show pictures of Teddy producing each sound.  This gives another visual of how the sound should be made.  Each mouth position card has a corresponding rhyme that reinforces the phoneme.

Using Teddy Talker in Speech-Language Therapy

I have been using Teddy Talker with quite a few of the children on my caseload.  Everyone was really excited to see Teddy Talker.  I mostly use this product with children around the age of 2 1/2.  The kids really enjoy finding the correct letter and taking off and putting on the manipulatives.  Teddy gives a great visual for each sound and how it should be produced.  Some of my children have a difficult time understanding that the picture on the back of the board represents the inside of the mouth.  However, this can be a challenging concept for a 2 ½ year old.  The children who have responded best to Teddy Talker are the children on my caseload who have no receptive language delays.  It is difficult for a child to understand the concept of Teddy Talker if they have difficulty understanding directions.

I love using the picture cards along with Teddy Talker.  This is another great visual cue.  I also made copies of the cards for parents to use this cue at home.  This helps with consistency of cueing both at home and in therapy.

I am very happy with the results that I have seen with Teddy Talker so far and I love how children are excited when I bring my big yellow bag with Teddy.  Learning to produce sounds correctly should be fun and this is exactly what the people over at Creative Speech Products have done!  Great job guys!  I’m excited to continue working with Teddy Talker as well as to try out some new products on your site.

**This product was reviewed by Key Therapies, LLC.  No other compensation was provided.

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